Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery in fashion but in electronics, imitation can be dangerous! Several of our customers have alerted us to what they consider untested drivers. These copycat power supplies use components from fly-by-night manufacturers. Will you save a couple of bucks? Sure, but let’s look at the risks that will cost more in the long run.


1. Loose Screws Attaching to Ground

This prospect is what concerns us the most because of the danger. If the UL-mandated grounding connection is loose, the box could go live which is a hazard to human life. In particular, an electrical ground post that is simply joined by unsafe metal screws can mean that any possible short condition does not go to ground—but into a person.  In fact, some of these copycat drivers do not even clear open the paint to the ground’s connection.  A ground post that is not securely incorporated into the driver’s metal is patently unsafe. Beware!


2. Poor Fit with Sharp Edges

Our friends who install drivers brought this to our attention: “poorly manufactured sheet metal.”  The sloppy fit, rough-cut edges and poor paint all lead to nicks and cuts in installers, worse if a child comes in contact with these hazards.


3. Poor Quality Components

Magnetic drivers are simple devices, relying mostly on the quality of a transformer core. Quality cores and precise winding drive quality. And guess what? We’ve seen poor quality cores that add heat and lower product life span. The story is worse with electronic power supplies. Low quality components and cheaply soldered boards lead to field failures.

Safety and Longevity Is the Magnitude Brand

We refuse to compromise on safety and durability. It’s why we have the lowest failure rate in the industry and why customers keep coming back. If you think you have purchased a counterfeit LED driver, reach out to us at

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