Hard as it might be to believe, but those LED drivers you sold or installed 12 years ago have seen better days. While well-engineered drivers will last years, often decades, even the best workhorse gets tired and the LED fixture it’s designed to power will most likely outlive it for years to come. The sheer number of dying drivers installed in residential and commercial lighting systems is expanding rapidly and here lies the opportunity for distributors, contractors and installers to cash in with led light driver replacement.

The Replacement Driver Pain Chain 

When LED fixtures started flooding the market in the early days, foreign-made LED driver power supplies soon followed. Flash forward to today and many of these companies are no longer in business which puts installers and facility technicians in a bind when the driver eventually fails. One option is to replace the entire fixture but that has its own set of challenges such as detectable differences in light levels with other fixtures. If they are forced to upgrade one fixture, they have to change all the fixtures for a uniform appearance. Let’s also not forget that even standard lighting fixture brands would rather sell more fixtures than offer a cheaper driver replacement. In the end, when a lighting fixture fails due to driver failure, it’s the facility maintenance technician who has to get it up and running as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

From Pain to Gain with Magnitude E-Series and AFLEX

E-Series electronic Class 2 phase dimmable LED drivers     

Magnitude replacement drivers

AFLEX compact and linear 0-10V dimmable programmable LED drivers











With thousands of old and obsoleted LED drivers failing daily, there’s never been a better time to tap into the replacement driver market. Think about just one sector of opportunity. Most of the government institutions were early adopters of LED technology due to the cost-saving efficiencies of the fixtures. Universities, county or federal government facilities, military, health facilities, etc., are seeing their fixtures begin to fail, and this is just one segment of many that need to maintain multiple buildings within large complexes.

Going from pain to financial gain for distributers and installers is easy when the right replacement driver is in stock. We specifically designed our E-Series (constant voltage) as a magnetic replacement product that runs much cooler and is more efficient than similar drivers. The small form factor and weight also make these drivers ideal for tape lighting, kick/cove lighting, under cabinet lighting and other residential and commercial types of linear or tape lighting. Magnitude’s AFLEX product (constant current) is programmable and the perfect solution for replacing a failed driver that is unavailable or out of warranty for your down lights, panels and troffers. Features include a 0.1% dim rate which is the deepest dimming available in the industry so it will match the performance of other fixtures that have working drivers in addition to meeting the requirements of Title 24. AFLEX offers one of the widest output ranges (3-57vdc) from a single driver and programming with the FLEX Tool takes less than one second. This LED replacement driver can be programmed in the factory, by the distributor or even the end user, and since it is a Class P LED driver, you can replace the driver of the fixture and still maintain the UL listing.

Energy retrofit and facility maintenance capabilities across constant current and constant voltage segments is something Magnitude is dialed into and growing. We’ll continue to nurture the endless opportunities for installers and distributors in the LED drive replacement market because we know it is a win-win for all parties.

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