Magnitude’s SoliDrive family of constant voltage drivers is gaining a reputation of being one of the most reliable and versatile LED drivers on the market. These Class 2 rated single-channel drivers, ranging from 30 watts to 96 watts, offer flexibility in the field with a universal input voltage range from 120VAC to 277VAC so there’s no need to stock both 120VAC and 277VAC drivers. While most Magnitude drivers are 12 and 24VDC, the SoliDrive Series offers 12, 24, 36 or 48VDC to accommodate a larger LED array of fixtures such as flood or spotlights. Our customers love SoliDrive drivers, but we wanted a product that covered all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Enter the SoliDrive Pro-V.

The Pro-V offers all the features of SoliDrive but is designed for forward and reverse phase dimming. This new addition is currently offered in 30W-96W in 24V only as this is the most requested configuration by our end users. With Pro-V, electricians and installers can hardwire and dim 24V LEDs from a compatible MLV dimmer or ELV dimmer. This is particularly useful in residential retrofit applications when running 0-10 dimming typically means running more wire.

Fool-proof Overload Protection

Our SoliDrive Pro-V also includes unique overload protection that works differently than other drivers and kicks into constant current mode if the driver is accidentally overloaded. Instead of shutting on an off, the lights will still work but will be slightly dimmer than its intended output. This is a great feature to have if the installer accidentally overruns the intended length, and it goes a long way in reducing an overload condition and preserving safety.

Certifiably Solid

Like most Magnitude drivers, the label is jam-packed with ratings and certifications. In addition to being a Class 2 driver that is UL and CE listed, the SoliDrive Pro-V includes the less common Class P rating. This is important because if you have a fixture that is UL and you replace the driver with SoliDrive Pro-V, the fixture will maintain its UL listing. The Pro-V also meets the requirements of Title 24 and JA8, and the enclosure is IP66 rated. An IP66 rating means that this LED driver will weather the elements and can be installed in outdoor and indoor locations. In addition, our entire SoliDrive Series is now NOM certified for export to Mexico.

Flicker and Ripple Free Dimming

Pro-V’s phase-cut dimming is beautifully smooth and flicker-free with dimming down to 1% with most LEDs. Like the entire SoliDrive family, the Pro-V has DC output that varies the voltage to the LEDs, while most other drivers have a PWM output that flickers the lights at a frequency between about 210 Hz and 1 kHz.  SoliDrive works with virtually all 0-10 dimmers offered in the industry, and our website provides a list of compatible MLV/ELV dimmers.

It‘s Like the Swiss Army Knife of Drivers

Magnitude Lighting believes in engineering practical features into all our drivers, and the SoliDrive Pro-V is no exception. The enclosure includes a separate input and output wiring compartment each with three ⅞” knockouts for easy installation, and the Pro-V LED is available with or without a junction box making it the perfect choice for tape lighting, tube lighting, linear lighting and multiple other commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications. Finally, the SoliDrive family of drivers is available pre-wired in the JB Series and EZ-J high quality metal junction boxes. To learn more about our versatile SoliDrive Pro-V, reach out to or download the brochure.

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