Magnitude Lighting has a reputation for making the most reliable constant voltage and constant drivers in the industry, and we continue to deliver products that shake up the status quo such as the AFLEX programmable replacement driver and our award-winning JB Series. That same pioneering spirit is in our newest product launch, the Magnitude Otter™ Landscape Transformer Series. Rated at 150W and 300W, the Magnitude Otter™ low voltage transformer series is a natural extension of our well-established LED driver business and is anything but the status quo.

Tougher than Tough

Early in the design phase of the Magnitude Otter™, we surveyed contractors and customers about what features they would build into the ideal low voltage transformer for led lights. Tough construction topped the list because contractors want an outdoor lighting transformer that won’t lead to callbacks. The UL-listed enclosure is made with 20-gauge stainless steel with seams that are both welded and riveted for long life. The Magnitude Otter™ also includes dual stainless-steel lockable latches for a more uniform seal. Most, if not all, low voltage transformers have a single latch.

Watertight and Vermin Proof

The Magnitude Otter™ is IP65 rated. To obtain this rating, our low voltage outdoor transformer underwent rigorous tests for protection from dust, driving rain, sprinklers and insects. This landscape lighting controller is impervious to egg-laying spiders and rodents who like to crawl inside transformer enclosures and chew on the wiring. As shown in the rating guide below, the Ingress Protection IP 6 rating means it’s 100% dust tight which is essential because mechanical timers and other components can be degraded by dust accumulation. The IP 5 rating refers to protection from jets of water so it can be installed in areas with sprinklers or regions of the country with inclement weather. This is important because electronic timers have backup batteries that can erode when exposed to moisture. And finally, an automotive-grade gasket provides an extra tight seal. The material is Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate which is flame-retardant and designed to meet Underwriter Laboratories (UL) requirements.

Contractor-pleasing Features

Because landscape contractors often juggle multiple jobs during the week, time management is key to staying profitable. Equipment failures, cumbersome installation requirements, and unnecessary callbacks cut into profits, so we designed time-saving features such as keeper screws that won’t fall out and vanish into the ground. Contractors also expressed frustration with the standard perforated knockouts on led landscape lighting transformers that have to be hammered loose and have jagged edges that cut into wires. The Magnitude Otter™ Landscape Transformer Series includes removeable rubber knockouts that are watertight.

Customer-pleasing Features

To meet the demands of a growing number of technologically savvy customers, contractors need a wifi low voltage transformer with features like smartphone and tablet control. The Magnitude Otter™ Landscape Transformer Series accommodates a wide variety of plug-in timers including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi models. Additional customer-pleasing accessories include an optional 1.5KVA surge protector (sold separately) that guards against lightning strikes and utility line surges. The Magnitude Otter™ also accommodates an optional photoelectric switch for dusk-to-dawn operation. We believe our new landscape transformer is so tough and engineered so well, we gave it a lifetime warranty. The industry average is five to 10 years and that’s the kind of status quo that Magnitude Otter™ is certain to change. Learn more by visiting Magnitude Otter™ website page.

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