Since we introduced the award-winning JB Series of LED driver junction boxes, contractors and electricians have been our top customers because of the time-saving features. These UL listed LED driver junction boxes arrive pre-wired with Magnitude Class 2 electronic LED drivers and offer synchronized dimming across all channels. With the success of the JB Series, we decided to expand the line with the JBZN (zone) that has the same features of the JB but allows individual zone dimming across all channels, a game-changing feature for our customers.

Simplifying Complex Electrical Work

Large commercial and residential applications where dimming must vary from room to room can be a complex and crowded installation of LED drivers and wiring. Multi-channel junction boxes provide multiple power outputs and consolidate equipment and reduce material and labor costs. Both the JB-Series and JBZN Series feature a high-quality metal junction box pre-wired with either our E-SERIES (phase dimmable), SOLIDRIVE CVD (0-10V dimmable), SOLIDRIVE PRO-V (phase dimmable) or AFLEX (0-10V dimmable) – all programmed to customer specifications. Why Is a Class 2 LED Driver Important? We equip the JB Series with Class 2 drivers for a reason. Class 2 is a UL classification for low voltage, low hazard products like LED lighting. It’s cheaper and faster to wire Class 2 products because the electrical code is less restrictive, and installation is more adaptable to conditions in the field.

Show Me the Money!

The JBZN junction box acts like a central hub for LED drivers, providing efficient, flexible designs and reducing installation time. That translates to money in the pockets of our customers. We conservatively estimate that the time savings for the JBZN to be about 0.5 hours per driver. For a job that requires eight channels, that’s 3.5 to 4 hours saved. Post-work inspection time is also reduced because inspectors recognize the safety value of a UL 8750 listed junction box with fully contained Class 2 drivers. These LED driver junction boxes also save time on future maintenance because each driver is numbered and easily accessible for stress-free troubleshooting.

Appearances Are Everything

In large, high-end commercial and residential buildings, appearances matter. With our JB Series, typical installations like pictured here are transformed into a safe, fully- enclosed clean junction boxes with individual zone dimming that end users may never think about but will appreciate the results. Learn more about the JB Series and JBZN or contact us at

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