“Time is money” is true for lighting designers and electricians tasked with installing numerous LED drivers in large venues such as hospitals and universities. “Appearance counts” is relevant in commercial and residential applications because even though we think Magnitude LED drivers are beautiful, few end users care to see them. And finally, “safety first” is always an imperative for electricians and facility managers. These expressions inevitably come up when we describe our UL-listed JB Series junction box to customers.

Pre-wired for Speedy Installations

The JB Series comes prewired and ready to install with either our AFLEX, SoliDrive or E-series and ranges from two to nine channels are possible depending on the type of driver. Electricians and contractors understand the benefits of a prewired junction box because the JB Series is easy to wire and drastically cuts down on install time. This LED driver junction box also saves time on future maintenance because each driver is numbered and easily accessible for stress-free trouble shooting. The JB Series even cuts down on post-work inspection time because it’s UL listed. All these time-saving features mean you can move onto the next job and increase your profitability.

Clean, Covered and Out of Sight

Architects and lighting designers will appreciate the JB Series because it equates to a clean installation and aesthetic appearance. It’s commonplace to see installations where multiple drivers are mounted on plywood and completely visible; however, this type of install doesn’t fly in high-end commercial installations or multi-million-dollar homes. The JB Series includes a surface mount and recessed mount for a flush look and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Certified and Ready to Use

The high quality junction box is constructed 16-gauge white powder-coated galvanized steel, and Magnitude puts its products to the test with registered certification entities that verify whether our power sources meet nationally recognized safety requirements. Most notable is the JB Series is UL 8750 Class 2 rated so you can have confidence that your commercial, industrial or residential installations will have a ready-to-use electrical enclosures that meet UL requirements and make inspections less stressful and time consuming.
Ideal applications for the JB Series include high-end residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, hospitals, and other applications where drivers need to do their jobs from behind the scenes. To learn more about this time-saving, versatile junction box, download the brochure or contact us at sales@magnitudeinc.com

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