Magnitude’s dimmable CCT-SERIES Constant Current LED drivers are Class 2 rated and designed to operate with MLV, ELV and CL dimmer switches (forward phase / reverse phase / TRIAC). These drivers have a low pro­file case that allows OEM’s to easily incorporate it into luminaires.

0-10V DIMMABLE (Programmable)


The AFLEX Series of Constant Current Programmable LED Drivers offers high efficiency, smooth flicker-free dimming and Dim to off capability. Magnitude’s wireless programing technology (FlexTool) enables full flexibility for OEMs to easily con figure the drivers output current, dimming curve, dim-to-off, NTC settings and more. Programming the Driver doesn’t require any power and can be done in less then one second. The auxiliary output provides power source for sensors and/or cooling devices and eliminates the need for an additional power supply. The Drivers wide operating window, dimming performance and programming options gives luminaire manufacturers high level of flexibility. As always, 5-year warranty is a standard on all of Magnitude Lighting products.

Magnitude drivers

0-10V DIMMABLE (Programmable)


Magnitude’s CFLEX™ Compact is a simple and intuitive programmable LED driver suitable for virtually any installation scenario. Dimmable down to 1% with dim-to-off functionality​, the CFLEX™ Compact is available pre-programmed for high volume installations or can be customized with the optional stand-alone two-wire programming tool that does not require a PC or cellphone interface. Replacement-ready and Class P Listed, this compact and easy-to-install LED driver saves time, reduces SKUs and is ideal for OEM applications.

0-10V DIMMABLE (Programmable)


The JB-Series and JBZN Series feature a high-quality metal junction box pre-wired with AFLEX  LED drivers programmed to your specifications. The AFLEX JBZN (Junction Box Zone)-SERIES delivers a zone dimmable multi-channel solution for programmable AFLEX LED drivers, making it the perfect product for multi-output residential and commercial lighting applications. Constructed with a high voltage compartment, the ALEX JBZN-SERIES utilizes DIN rail terminal blocks to support independent channel outputs. Both the JB and JBZN are available in surface or recessed mount, and the high-quality metal junction boxes include multiple 11/₈” knockouts for quick and easy installation.

Magnitude drivers


The SR – SERIES are low voltage drivers that are dimmable with any standard TRIAC in-line dimmer. Their fully encapsulated form-factors are small enough for any size OEM fixture. The 12V Low Voltage drivers have an input voltage range of 9V – 15V and are available in versions outputting 350mA, 450mA or 700mA. In addition, we offer custom calibrations to meet your needs. They are ideal for Landscape Lighting, Path Lighting, Area Lighting and Spotlights Packaged in an anodized aluminum case, they are designed for outdoor and wet environments.

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