Our Solidrive Series of constant voltage LED drivers are a hit with integrators and electricians because of the smooth, flicker-free dimming and small form factor. Another reason these drivers are so popular in the field is there’s an LED driver for every dimming application: non-dim,  0-10V, forward and reverse phase-cut ELV and MLV. It only made sense then that we combine all of these dimming protocols into one compact and efficient LED driver called the Solidrive Max.

Reducing SKUs Saves Money

The Solidrive Max includes non-dim, 0-10V, ELV and MLV. The advantage for distributors is SKU reduction because the Max covers 99% of all dimming applications being done today. If a customer has a project and knows the dimming will be 0-10V, they can choose the Solidrive. If the customer needs 100 drivers for an upcoming job but doesn’t know what type of dimming protocol will be used, the Solidrive Max covers it all, which means distributors can reduce the number of SKUs they stock and save money and warehouse space.

Maxing out Advantages

The Solidrive Max is highly filtered so it’s ideal for projects with fluctuating input power or dirty power. Like the Solidrive and Solidrive Pro V, the Max is IP66 and UL2043 plenum rated so it can be installed inside and outdoors. An IP66 rated enclosure offers a high level of protection against water and particles, and a UL plenum rating means the wires used with driver meet the requirements for fire-resistant and low smoke-producing characteristics.

Class 2 and Class P rated, the Solidrive Max can be ordered with or without a built-in junction box on both the input and output, and with universal input voltage ranging from 120 to 277VAC, the SoliDrive Max covers residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Solidrive Max also includes overload protection that reverts to constant current mode when the driver is accidentally overloaded. Normally if a driver is overloaded, the lights will flash on and off. With the Max’s overload protection, the lights will still stay on but will be slightly dimmer usually at an unnoticeable level.

 The Right LED Driver for the Job

The Solidrive Max completes the Solidrive family so our customers can choose the right LED driver for the job. Need 0-10V or non-dimmable? Solidrive is the right fit. Need forward and reverse phase-cut dimming? Solidrive Pro V is for you. Need all of the above or not sure? Solidrive Max has you covered with phase-cut dimming down to 1% with leading Edge (MLV) and trailing edge (ELV) dimmers or 0-10V dimming. No matter what Solidrive driver you choose, the end result will be predictable, smooth and flicker-free dimming at all output levels—that’s a Magnitude standard.


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