The labor-saving LED driver junction box series offers individual zone dimming across all channels and a quick, clean and inspection-ready installation.

[PRESS RELEASE] February 24, 2022, Tustin, CA – Magnitude Lighting, manufacturer of LED drivers and transformers, announces the JBZN Series with multi-zone dimming. An addition to Magnitude’s commercially successful JB Series of UL-listed junction boxes, the JBZN offers individual zone dimming across all channels and is an ideal junction box for large commercial and residential applications.

“Contactors love the JB Series because it is fast and easy to install,” says Jim Giorgio, Magnitude’s Director of Sales. “All of our JB products are delivered with much of the normal installation labor already completed at our factory, and now we offer individual zone dimming in the JBZN.”

The Junction Box Zone (JBZN) Series delivers a zone
dimmable multi-channel solution for select Magnitude Class
2, electronic LED drivers.

The Magnitude JBZN Series comes pre-wired with either the AFLEX, E-SERIES, SOLIDRIVE CVD or SOLIDRIVE PRO-V LED Class 2 electronic LED drivers. Individual dimming ranges from 2 channels to 9 channels depending on the driver selected, and customers can choose either constant current or constant voltage configurations. The JBZN Series is easy to wire and cuts down on installation time and future maintenance time because each driver is numbered and easily accessible for troubleshooting. “We estimate that the time saved per driver could be as high as a half hour and that translates to more profit for the contractor,” notes Giorgio. “Post-work inspection time is also reduced because inspectors recognize the safety value of a UL 8750 listed junction box with fully contained Class 2 drivers.”

Available in surface or recessed mount, the JBZN Series of LED driver junction boxes offers a clean and aesthetic appearance over typical installations where the drivers are mounted on plywood. “Customers, particularly in high-end homes, don’t want to see a bunch of drivers mounted in the basement or a closet,” concludes Giorgio.  “It’s a clean, fast and profitable installation.”

The Magnitude JBZN is sold through the company’s network of lighting agencies and distributors and includes a five-year warranty.

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