Magnitude Lighting Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of LED drivers and lighting transformers in the commercial and residential market, announces that it is has moved its international headquarters to North America and is under new leadership. The headquarters and full operations have recently been moved from Rishon LeZion,Israel to Tustin, California.

In addition to the operational move,  the Executive Board has appointed executive management leader, Walter A. Simson,as the new Chief Executive Officer and middle market manufacturing expert,Dana E. Mavros, former Executive of Brook Electrical Supply and Cooper Industries, as Chief Revenue Officer.

Magnitude Lighting an independent LED power company that focuses on LED drivers and transformers for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. With a remarkable longevity in LED Technology since 2008, Magnitude Lighting is one of the first companies in the industry to bring dimmable LED drivers into the linear lighting market.

Magnitude Lighting with original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and construction professionals to deliver a full suite of advanced LED driver solutions and lighting transformers.  By moving the headquarters to their North American offices in Tustin, CA., Magnitude Lighting’sin-house design and engineering team continues to push the boundary of dimmable LED lighting innovation across the full spectrum of LED Drivers. Their advanced manufacturing, customer support capabilities and superior R&D enables them to create and tailor power supply and transformer solutions to address the needs of an ever-evolving LED market.

“The headquarters move to Southern California is perfectly aligned with the growth philosophy of the company.” remarked Walter A. Simson, CEO Magnitude Lighting.  “Establishing a single platform office for sales, marketing and engineering will enable us to better serve our customers.”

“We primarily serve the North American market,” Simson says. “Timeliness of response for sales, engineering and logistics is key.”

Magnitude Lighting’s LED drivers can be found in hundreds of thousands of installations, driving millions of LEDs throughout the world. For complete information on Magnitude Lighting and its portfolio of LED drivers, visit

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